IMLA has an active research programme. It conducts regular 6 month surveys of both lenders and intermediaries and uses the results to generate insights into the market in general, the intermediary market and policy issues. The outputs are normally press released (see News). Here we provide full output from recent surveys.

IMLA also produces regular research reports on issues affecting the UK mortgage market. Recent reports have included The changing face of non-standard mortgage lending and What is the new normal? These reports are available below. In 2013 IMLA also commissioned Professor Steve Wilcox from the Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York to provide an independent assessment of current housing and mortgage markets and how they might evolve. IMLA made inputs into the process and the report Rebalancing the housing and mortgage markets - critical issues was published in June 2013.

Broker Surveys

IMLA broker survey

December 2011


Buy to Let under pressure

Rob Thomas February 2018
Looks at the impact which a plethora of tax and regulatory changes have had on the buy-to-let mortgage market and the wider implications for the private rented sector.

Keeping Britain Building

Rob Thomas November 2017
Examines lenders’ increasing confidence in lending on new-build property, together with the impact of the Help to Buy equity loan scheme.

IMLA white paper - Rebirth of specialist mortgage lenders

Rob Thomas September 2017
Charts the rise, fall and resurgence of specialist lenders and the emergence of “challenger” banks.

IMLA 'New normal' report - prospects for 2017

Rob Thomas April 2017
The fourth in our series of annual reports looking at the outlook for the UK mortgage market in the coming year.

IMLA white paper - insights into the changing shape of the lender broker relationship

Rob Thomas February 2017
Summarises the views of leading figures from four mortgage intermediary firms and four mortgage lenders about how they see the current state of the intermediary/lender relationship and how this might evolve in the future.

Is the mortgage market working for consumers?

Rob Thomas November 2016
Analyses whether the market is delivering appropriate access to credit, together with sufficient competition and transparency for consumers.

The politics of a rationed housing market

Rob Thomas June 2016
Argues for a more joined-up approach to UK housing policy.

The new ‘normal’ – prospects for 2016

Rob Thomas February 2016
The third in our series of annual reports looking at the outlook for the UK mortgage market in the coming year.

The changing face of mortgage distribution

Rob Thomas December 2015
Charts the changing pattern of intermediated and direct mortgage business pre-and post- the financial crisis.

Segmenting the UK mortgage market

Rob Thomas October 2015
Examines the key issues facing the main segments making up today’s mortgage market: buy-to-let, first-time buyers, home movers, re-mortgagers, lifetime mortgages and further advances.

Regulatory layering – assessing the cumulative impact of new financial regulations

Rob Thomas June 2015
Analyses the cost of the regulatory changes brought in following the financial crisis and the impact these have had on the efficiency of the financial system and on the wider economy.

The new ‘normal’ – one year on

Rob Thomas April 2015
The second in our series of annual reports looking at the outlook for the UK mortgage market in the coming year.

UK Election 2015 Criteria for housing and mortgage policy pledges

January 2015
Summarises the key agendas for the political parties and politicians to address during the election campaign.

The new macro-prudential regime: when and how will the Bank of England intervene?

Rob Thomas and Peter Williams June 2014
Examines the housing and mortgage markets and the likelihood of the Bank of England using its new macro-prudential powers to curb the latter.

The changing face of non-standard mortgage lending

Rob Thomas November 2014
Looks at the impact of the financial crisis on non-standard borrowers: the self-employed, those with adverse credit, those borrowing into retirement and those with complex financial affairs.

Reshaping housing tenure in the UK: the role of buy-to-let

Rob Thomas May 2014
Analyses the growth in the proportion of private rented sector properties being acquired without a mortgage.

What is the new normal?

Rob Thomas February 2014
The first in a series of annual reports looking at the outlook for the UK mortgage market in the coming year.

Re-balancing the housing and mortgage markets - critical issues

Professor Steve Wilcox June 2013
Contributes to the discussion between government and the industry about the future operating basis and assumptions for the UK housing market, and whether current government support for the housing and mortgage markets will move both forward on a stable and sustainable basis.

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