Last reviewed 02/04/2020

About IMLA

IMLA represents the views and interests of UK mortgage lenders involved in the generation of mortgage business via professional financial intermediaries.

IMLA's role

We provide a forum for discussion and debate between members through regular meetings of our Executive Committee, which all Full members are entitled to attend. At present we meet 5 times a year and discussion is focused on the key business issues facing intermediary-based mortgage lenders.

We have developed close working relationships with the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries, Building Societies Association and UK Finance – and meet regularly at secretariat level. We also hold regular meetings of a larger joint lender/intermediary group (JLIG), which enables members from all four trade associations to meet to discuss issues of mutual interest concerning practice or policy.


We currently have 43 Full and 11 Associate members.

Full Membership of IMLA is available to any lender actively involved in the intermediary mortgage market, which has a separate and clearly defined operating structure dedicated to processing intermediary introduced mortgage business.

Associate membership is open to firms which work closely with intermediary mortgage lenders.

New members are always welcome and prospective members may arrange to attend a meeting of the Executive Committee to judge for themselves the value of membership. Please contact if you would like to do this.